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The Volumaxx formula combines herbal and botanical extracts into a uniquely powerful male sexual enhancer designed to improve many aspects of male sexual performance - especially as it related to semen production and ejaculation intensity.

The Volumaxx ingredients list is the result of hundreds of hours of research and experimentation to create a formula specifically designed to improve several areas of male sexual function as well as overall health and well-being. A brief description of the key ingredients follows.volumaxx-lab


For years male porn stars have been admired and envied for their ability to shoot huge loads of semen with volcano-like force and massive volumes of semen. Most of these performers have used semen volume pills like Volumaxx to boost their semen loads and provide earth-shattering orgasms.

Improved formulations and reduced production costs have now made it so that these semen-boosting sex pills have now become available and more importantly - affordable - for the average guy. Now there's absolutely no reason why any man can't elevate his sexual performance to porn-star-like levels, using the secret weapon others have been using for years.


Our team of medical researchers set out to formulate the ultimate sexual enhancer designed to naturally boost semen volume by up to 500%. After years of research and testing, the result of these exhaustive efforts has resulted in Volumaxx - the ultimate solution for better sex and stronger ejaculations!


The powerful ingredients in Volumaxx work to increase testosterone, improve erections, and help increase sexual stamina and fertility. Volumaxx is manufactured in state of the art CgMP labs in the USA that strictly adhere to FDA guidelines. Beware of low-grade herbal formulas made in India or China that sell inferior products with suspect product quality and safety.


Volumaxx was carefully engineered to be the most powerful climax intensifier available today. Our mission was to provide men with the safest, most effective high quality sexual enhancement formula possible at an affordable price - and when you try Volumaxx - we think you'll agree that we were successful!


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Volumaxx is available for sale in North America and worldwide.Volumaxx is not a pharmaceutical drug and is available for purchase without a prescription. Every Volumaxx capsule contains over 1260 mg. of herbal ingredients specifically designed to boost ejaculation and dramatically improve sexual stamina and performance. When you're ready to say "yes" to the best sex of your life - try Volumaxx risk-free today!


Volumaxx Ingredients:


Increases Semen Production and Sperm Health


Zinc is a powerful antioxidant and is a critical element in human health and essential for proper sexual function. Zinc plays a major role in semen production, as well as erectile function. Zinc deficiency can lead to infertility in both men and women, and causes low libido.

As well as infertility and erectile dysfunction, low zinc levels can be associated with sickle cell disease, HIV, major depression, and type 2 diabetes. For this reason many people take zinc supplements. Some studies have shown evidence that increased dietary zinc is associated with a decrease in the incidence of prostate cancer. (33 mg.)


Works as a Vasodilator


L-Arginine is a key amino acid and helps form nitric oxide, which is crucial to the vasodilatation of the penis, producing swelling and hardness. Elevated levels of L-Arginine help to create permanent growth in the penis by stretching the erectile chambers over time. L-Arginine provides a major boost for erectile function, becauase like the drug sildenafil citrate (Viagra), L-Arginine is thought to enhance the action of nitric oxide, which relaxes muscles surrounding blood vessels supplying the penis.

As a result, blood vessels in the penis dilate, increasing blood flow, which helps maintain an erection. The difference in how they work is that Viagra blocks an enzyme called PDE5 which destroys nitric oxide and L-Arginine is used to make nitric oxide. In one study, 50 men with erectile dysfunction took either 5 grams of L-Arginine per day or a placebo. After 6 weeks, substantially more men in the L-Arginine group had an improvement compared to those taking the placebo.
(383 mg.)

L-Lysine HCL

Important to Promote Testosterone Production


L-lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning it is needed but not produced by the body: It must be obtained from either food or via supplements. This amino acid is important for cell growth and helps produce carnitine, which converts fatty acids into energy and lowers cholesterol.

L-lysine is used to promote increased testosterone levels, and vital to several areas of overall health and sexual function in men. Low levels of L-lysine can effect serotonin levels in the body, which impacts sexual stamina and staying power. L-lysine is often used by bodybuilders to help speed the recovery of over-trained muscles. (33 mg.)

Horny Goat Weed

Natural Aphrodisiac and Erection Enhancer

horny goat weed

Horny Goat Weed is an essential ingredient in any effective male sexual enhancer. Horny goat weed is an herb that has been a traditional remedy in China for centuries. It’s used for low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, pain, and other conditions.

Recent studies have presented new evidence that confirms Horny goat weed as a leading natural alternative to drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED). Epimedium, the suspected active component of horny goat weed, appears to act as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, similar to some drugs used for ED. What’s more, the study indicated that horny goat weed could theoretically work better -- and cause fewer side effects -- than current drugs for erectile dysfunction. (266 mg.)

Muira Puama

"The Viagra of the Amazon"


Muira Puama is one of the most active botanicals with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver and remedy for impotence & sexual insufficiency. It is known in some circles as "the Viagra of the Amazon" and in fact, many people now consider it the new Yohimbe but with considerably less possible side effects.

The roots of this Amazonian tree were the subject of a study conducted by the UCLA School of Medicine. The study showed a significant improvement in both erectile function and sexual desire. The Amazon natives have known this for centuries, as this herb has been widely used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women, and is commonly known as "potent wood". (200 mg.)

Hawthorn Berry

Helps Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

hawthorn berry

Hawthorn Berry is widely regarded as a safe and effective treatment for several health conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, and both respiratory and and circulatory conditions. Hawthorn Berry is a vasodilator which improves blood flow and circulation.

Added to the Volumaxx formula for it's incredible effect on improving penile blood flow, Hawthorn Berry should provide noticeable improvement for men in achieving and maintaining longer lasting erections. (133 mg.)

Cranberry Juice Extract

Improves Reproductive Health

cranberry juice extract

Cranberry Juice Extract has shown to be beneficial to several areas of reproductive health particularly in regard to the urinary tract and prostate health. Cranberry extract is a potent bacteria-fighter in the human body, and helps promote a healthy urinary tract by inhibiting the adherence of bacteria to the mucosal walls

Cranberry extract offers a host of antioxidants and nutrients that help fight infections and boost your overall health. A variety of studies have shown that cranberry can help prevent urinary tract infections, inhibit cancer cell growth, prevent tooth decay, and fight strokes. (166 mg.)


Boosts Energy and Sex Drive


L-Carnitine is an amino acid composite that is made from lysine and methionine. L-carnitine is important for general healtha and has positive benefits for proper sexual function as well. Supplementing with L-Carnitine will help burn fat, increase energy levels, as well as improve mental clarity and function.

L-carnitine is very important in improving male fertility, as it has been shown to help improve both sperm count and the quality of sperm. L-carnitine has also shown to be beneficial to heart attack patients as well as those with type-2 Diabetes. (50 mg.)

Catuaba Bark

Increases Sexual Strength and Helps Impotence

catuaba bark

Catuaba, a medium-sized tree found in the Amazon forests of northern Brazil, has traditionally been used for it's aphrodisiac properties. The Topi Indians have known about the sex-enhancing properties of catuaba for many centuries. Catuaba bark is also considered a central nervous system stimulant and a bark decoction is used for nervousness, poor memory, and sexual weakness.

The historic, traditional use of this herbal tonic is legendary. Many say it is the most famous of all the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants. It is a strong tonic and nervous system fortifier, known for its general capability of giving strength and relieving fatigue. The effect is pronounced in men, especially as a libido enlivener. Many songs praising its wonders have been sung by the Brazilian Indians. It is often used in combination with Muira Puama for tonifying the male sexual and urinary organs, and is used specifically as an aphrodisiac and for impotence. (22 mg.)

Pumpkin Seed

Beneficial to Prostate and Reproductive Health

pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seed is high in Omega 3s, pumpkin seed oil has been shown in studies to reduce the incidence of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)—a condition in which the prostate gland becomes enlarged. Pumpkin seeds are also high in the prostate-protecting mineral zinc, making it a valuable supplement for prostate health in men.

Pumpkin seed is a very good source of anti-oxidant vitamin E, and are also an excellent source of B-complex group of vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) and folates. (26 mg.)

Tribulus Fruit

Improves Reproductive Health

tribulus terrestris

Tribulus supports natural testosterone production which helps increase semen production, optimize strength, stamina, and sexual performance. Tribulus terrestris has been used for decades for the purpose of increasing sex drive. It's use for this purpose originated from a Bulgarian study in the 1970's which noted it's effects on free testosterone and lutenizing hormones in men.

Animal studies in rats, rabbits and primates have demonstrated that administration of Tribulus terrestris extract can produce statistically significant increases in levels of testosterone and produces effects suggestive of aphrodisiac activity. In these studies, Tribulus has been noted to enhance sexual behavior - it appears to do so by stimulating androgen receptors in the brain. (20 mg.)

Oat Straw

Boosts Production of Sex Hormones

oat straw

Oat Straw (also known as Avena Sativa) is also an important ingredient to increase testosterone and Oat Straw is rich in calcium and magnesium. Avena sativa is quickly becoming a popular natural alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers without the dangerous side effects. Avena Sativa is used to stimulate both men and women quickly and effectively.

In men it appears to be effective for treating impotence and premature ejaculation. In women it may increase sexual desire. It also contains compounds which are soothing to the brain and nervous system. It can also be used for both physical and nervous fatigue and is helpful for depression. Oatstraw also contains B-complex vitamins, silicia, calcium, flavones, saponins, and Vitamin A. (10 mg.)

Maca Root

Boosts Libido - Improves Sexual Stamina - Increases Fertility

maca root

Maca is a potent, ancient Peruvian superfood highly prized by Incan warriors to increase stamina, boost libido, and combat fatigue. Maca, and more specifically the root of the plant, has a long history as a superfood. The maca root was prized throughout the Incan empire for its adaptogenic-like qualities that enable it to nourish and balance the body's delicate endocrine system, and to help cope with stress.

It also energizes naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine, and it can aid in reproductive function, helping to balance hormones and increase fertility. (10 mg.)


Naturally Boosts Testosterone Levels

longjack root

Properly known as Eurycoma Longifolio or Tongkat Ali, Long Jack has long been recognized for its ability to safely and naturally boost testosterone production in men – and there are several studies supporting this fact. Longjack has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac, and is found commonly in Malaysia and Indonesia, but also in parts of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for male characteristics such as strength and muscle mass. It is well known that increases in testosterone results in increases in lean mass and strength, and decreases in fat. The benefits of Long Jack are all related to its effect on increasing testosterone in men. This is due to the presence of a group of bitter organic compounds present in the root of Long Jack, known as quassinoids. (6 mg.)

Sarsparilla Root

Boosts Stamina and Energy

sarsparilla root

Sarsparilla is a vine-like woody plant, which is indigenous to Central and South American rain frosts, Mexico, certain parts of Australia, the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica as well as certain parts of South East Asia. It was introduced to Europe in the late 15th century. One of the first uses of Sarsparillas was as a tonic to boost sexual stamina and endurance.

Sarsparilla is often used as a sexual enhancer for men and also as a steroid replacement for athletes and bodybuilders. Since it was first introduced to the Western world, sarsaparilla has been used to treat impotence, gout, gonorrhea, open wounds, arthritis, cough, fever, hypertension, pain, a lack of sexual desire, indigestion, and even certain forms of cancer. (4 mg.)

Licorice Root

Boosts Male Sex Hormone

licorice root

Licorice root offers something for both men and women. Our research team added Licorice root for its effect on male sex hormones, especially the ability to promote and maintain proper testosterone levels. For men, it helps inhibit the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, a form of the male hormone implicated in hair loss and prostate enlargement

Licorice root contains many anti-depressant compounds and is an excellent alternative to St. John's Wort. As a herbal medicine it has an impressive list of well documented uses and is probably one of the most over-looked of all herbal wonders. Licorice is useful for many ailments including asthma, athlete's foot, baldness, body odor, bursitis, canker sores, chronic fatigue, depression, colds and flu, coughs, dandruff, emphysema, heartburn, HIV, viral infections, fungal infections, ulcers, liver problems, psoriasis, shingles, sore throat, tendinitis, tuberculosis, ulcers, prostate enlargement and arthritis. (3 mg.)


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Here is a complete list of the powerful ingredients found in Volumaxx:

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As you can see, Volumaxx contains several powerful ingredients specifically chosen for their effectiveness in boosting semen volume, improving erectile function, and increasing sexual stamina and libido.

Volumaxx was specially formulated to give men the ultimate weapon for longer, stronger ejaculations. With Volumaxx you'll always have the confidence of knowing that you can "finish like a porn star" AND give your partner the pleasure they want and crave.

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